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Map Management

Navigating your map for real time VISIBILITY

The map view in your GetSwift account makes it easy for you to track your jobs, view where your drivers are, or contact them.

Navigate to the Map

  • Click on MAP on the top navigation bar to navigate to the page.



  • VIEW ALL: To see all of your drivers and all of your jobs, click OVERVIEW

  • DRIVERS: You can see which drivers are online at a given time along with their current status that updates dynamically as the driver works his/her task queue.


  • DETAILS: Click on any marker to show more information about a delivery or a driver.



Once you click on the OPTIONS button you are able to modify the map view in the following aspects:

  • Add your location’s current traffic layer

  • Modify the map style based on your personal preference

  • Update your daily metrics to suit your business needs

  • Filter any aspect of a Job listed in the left panel

  • Show additional driver details

  • Customize ETA visibility into your driver’s workload or specific to an order in the queue

  • Add audio alerts so you are notified of live activity in your dashboard

  • Cancel all jobs in bulk (be very careful of using this feature as it will cancel all jobs in the system)


  • The panel in the lower part of the map screen will give you insights into your daily activity.  The 5 data points listed are daily metrics/KPIs about your delivery operations. You can select which 5 metrics you would like to be visible in the OPTIONS window located in the upper left part of the map.

tips and tricks

  • Nothing displaying on your map? Click OVERVIEW to remove the filters and see all of your drivers and jobs on the map!


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