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Tracking your Driver

As the dispatcher / user of GetSwift you have the ability to view your drivers in real-time on the map view.

Driver's availability and stage of a delivery will clearly be visible on the map based on the color of the driver's icon.

You can have your drivers manually update their stage within the app to indicate things such as when they are:

  • At a pick-up location
  • On-way / en-route to a customer
  • At destination
  • Completed a task

Alternatively, you can have geofencing enabled so your drivers stages are automatically updated as they complete the delivery phases.  To have this feature enabled, please contact us today!

ETA, otherwise known as Estimated Time of Arrival, gives more visibility into driver tracking showing the time is will take for the driver to complete an assigned delivery.  Contact us to enable your ETA!

Make sure to check out how your customers can track their deliveries by setting up alerts  and sending them a live tracking map!