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Why is the Live Tracking Map not being sent to my customer?

Do you have your alerts on with the tracking link tag enabled?

Did you enable "FORCE ACCEPTED JOBS AS ON WAY" within your advanced settings?

In your advanced settings if you have selected "Force accepted jobs as 'On Way'" then it will not trigger "Job En Route" alert to be sent.


Option 1

Put the tracking link in an earlier SMS message such as "Job accepted by driver"

Option 2

Uncheck "Force accepted jobs as 'On Way'" & have your driver's click
"On Way / Start" upon departing for the destination

 Option 3

Contact us to enable geofencing to avoid your driver needing to manually click "On Way / Start"

Is your driver clicking "ON WAY / START" within their mobile app?

To trigger the "JOB EN ROUTE" alert to be sent, the driver must click “ON WAY / START” when they are on their way to the drop off location.

Drivers must click ON WAY / START to trigger the Job en route alert


Are you using SMS Sender ID?

  • is sms sender id available in your country?

    • Note: If your country is not listed as a supported country or if the criteria above is not properly applied, Alerts will be disabled and will not be sent to your end customers.

  • do you have:

    • numbers instead of letters?

    • any spaces?

    • more than 11 characters?