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How do I save regular pick-up and/or drop-off points?

Templates to Enter Tasks

Templates are a great way to save recurring information, such as pickup or destination details. This will help you save time when filling out future task entry forms.  You can also choose exactly which data fields in the task entry form are most applicable to your business and hide the data fields you do not need.

Step 1

  • Click on the "+" button on the main navigation bar at the top of the page

Step 2

  • Click on "Templates" on the sub-page navigation bar

Step 3

  • Type a unique name for your template in the text box and push the "Enter"key on your keyboard

Step 4

  • Once you pick a unique template name, you will see a number of data fields appear on the right.  The first ones to consider are “Pickup” and “Destination” details.

Step 5

  • Fill in pickup details: If you wish to use the same pickup address on a recurring basis, uncheck “Ask for pick up details” and enter the pickup address and contact information for this template.

Step 6

  • Fill in destination details: If you wish to use the same destination address on a recurring basis, uncheck  “Ask for destination details” and enter the destination address and contact information for this template.

Step 7

  • In the "Ask for..." section, check off any additional data fields you would like to be visible when using this template

  • For example, clicking "Reuse instructions" will allow you to enter delivery instructions when using this template

Step 8

  • Lastly, complete the Default Settings section. All of the fields in this section are optional.

  • Note: The "Tag" field is only needed if you are going to be importing jobs via an email parser

Step 9

  • Once you save the template,  you will be able to use the template to enter new tasks by clicking on the “Simple Form” or “Advanced Form” buttons



  • You can delete or duplicate any of the templates you create by clicking the 2 buttons below the "Save" button

  • After making a template, you will no longer be able to use the “Simple Form” or “Advanced Form” and you will only be able to use the templates you have created.

  • Best practice is create a template with all checked options. This will come in handy if you ever need to enter an ad-hoc order that does not fit any of your current templates.

  • You can create as many templates as needed on a ongoing basis!

  • Templates are also required if you are looking to use the Batch Upload feature when entering tasks into GetSwift.