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Organizational Reports

Organizations are the overarching business of a multi-branch business.  These reports allow you to view and analyze the performance of your teams and merchants. You also have the ability to filter by date ranges and by specific teams / merchants.

Overview: Organizational reports allow you to view the data for all of your teams and merchants

Heatmap: Shows the most common drop-off locations

Try filtering by teams / merchants with a specific date range

Comparison: compares your merchants across multiple data points

Filter by specific teams to narrow in on merchants within that team’s performance

Green, Orange, and Red provide a quick visual into your strengths and weaknesses within an organization.  Green being your strengths, and Red symbolizing areas for improvement.

App Usage: provides an overview of the stats on mode of job completion

Can be downloaded into a CSV file for external analysis or viewed using the standard charts and diagrams provided in your GetSwift account.

Android, iOS and All Driver Mobile apps

Download: Gives you the ability to download an excel file with any data point that is collected in your GetSwift account