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Proof of Delivery

Require Proof of Delivery to Stay Accountable

Proof of Delivery (POD): Enable this feature and make it mandatory for your drivers within the Driver App to add a photo and/or a signature as proof of delivery before they can complete the order.

Enable Proof of Delivery

  • Navigate to Settings

  • Click "Proof of delivery on delivery completion"

  • Select “Proof of Delivery Type" to require your driver to collect:

    • Any: either photo or signature

    • Signature: only a signature

    • Photo: only a photo

    • Both: photo and signature

  • Click "Update"


Additional Proof of Delivery Fields

In some cases you may want to obtain additional information from your customers or drivers as the order is being completed.

We can help you add these custom fields, such as "# of Boxes" or "POD Name".


contact us to Setup custom POD fields


Viewing Proof of Delivery

merchant view

For each completed task, you can find the collected signature, photos and additional field data in Reports.

Navigate to Reports then click History followed by Details. Photos will automatically load while you can Show Additional Fields and Show Signature.


Reports → History → Detail → Additional Fields / Show Signature / Attachments


customer view

Automatically send the Order Summary / POD to your Customers.

Navigate to the Alerts page to set up an automatic alert that sends the order summary and POD to your customers.


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