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Tracking your Driver

stay updated on your driver’s status

As the dispatcher / user of GetSwift you have the ability to view your drivers in real-time on the map view.


Driver's availability and stage of a delivery will clearly be visible on the map based on the color of the driver's icon.

You can have your drivers manually update their stage within the app to indicate things such as when they are:

  • At a pick-up location

  • On-way / en-route to a customer

  • At destination

  • Completed a task

Alternatively, you can have geofencing enabled so your drivers stages are automatically updated as they complete the delivery phases.

ETA, otherwise known as Estimated Time of Arrival, gives more visibility into driver tracking showing the time is will take for the driver to complete an assigned delivery.  


Contact Us to Enable Geofencing & ETA


Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure to check out how your customers can track their deliveries by setting up alerts  and sending them a live tracking map!

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Why can’t I see my drivers on the map?

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Route Optimization

become more efficient by automatically optimizing driver’s routes

Automatically optimize the delivery route for each driver based on factors such as distance or promise time. This will save you a lot of time planning out daily routes, as well as the driving time, fuel and distance travelled by each vehicle.

Contact the GetSwift team to enable routing!


Viewing a Driver's Entire Route

  • If you are interested in seeing the recommended route set for your driver for all jobs assigned to your driver:

    • Click on the DRIVER and you will see a red line with that route

Viewing the Route of a Specific Job

  • If you are interested in seeing the recommended route set for your driver for a specific job:

    • Click on the corresponding JOB tile listed under ‘jobs in progress’ and you will see a red line with that route.



Learn how to automatically or manually dispatch your jobs to your drivers.

Driver Match Keys allows you to automate assignment of drivers to specific tasks when entering tasks into GetSwift through the API or Batch Upload methods.

Why can't I see my driver on the map?

has the driver been approved?

Is the driver online on the driver app?

Within the Driver Application, does your driver’s status say online or offline?

Within the Driver Application, does your driver’s status say online or offline?

Are you in the MENU section of the map?

Click OVERVIEW to view your drivers and tasks


Does the driver have GPS and location services enabled for Swift on your phone?

Is the driver's iphone or android updated and using the latest software?

Taking a Driver Offline

logging a driver offline

The driver has the ability to log-on and log-off a shift directly in the app.  However, if a driver forgets to log-off their shift, the manager can take the driver offline by using the Driver Profile in the map.

  • Note: Users do not have the ability to change a driver's status to online.

Step 1

Navigate to the Map

step 2

Click on Drivers Online


step 3

Select the Driver you want to take offline


step 4

Click Actions


step 5

Click Take Offline

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